In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our consumer habits have changed due to confinement, giving way to a new way of shopping through e-commerce. The jewelry sectorhas also adapted, like many other sectors, to the new consumer trend of online shopping, which is sure to continue to rise in the coming years. The fact is that more and more people are finding more advantages than disadvantages when making their purchases in an online jewelry store. And, as we say, this also happens when buying jewelry online. In fact, the trust placed in buying jewelry online is growing year after year. Today, thanks to the boom of e-commerce, social networks and the help of influencers, buying jewelry online is much easier.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, are there really people who buy jewelry online? And the answer is yes! It is true that jewelry does not respond to the pattern of compulsive buying, since, before purchasing a piece of jewelry, we usually take some time to compare, search and weigh between different options. Sometimes it is not easy to find the perfect jewel that fits what we are looking for.

As we say, there are many and varied advantages of buying jewelry online, as can be the convenience of do it from home or agility purchase. The immense variety of designs, sizes, materials and products represent other good reasons to buy jewelry online. And the price? Of course it is a very important reason. Today, there are online jewelry stores that offer a very affordable value for money, as we offer in MIMÍKOKÓ.


If you find yourself consulting jewelry websites or social networks and you still haven't made up your mind, here are the main advantages of buying in an online jewelry store. online jewelry as MIMÍKOKÓ is a wise choice:


Undoubtedly, it is the most important and obvious advantage when buying jewelry online. Whether for lack of time or for convenience, buying online avoids headaches such as waiting in queues, traffic jams ... That is why more and more people are inclined to make their purchases online. In MIMÍKOKÓ, you can buy your gold jewelry through our social networks or our website quickly and easily.


There are details that make the difference. We put special care in wrapping all our jewelry in exclusive jewelry boxes. And whether you buy on our website or in the physical store, our packaging is completely exclusive and special. In addition, you can give a more personal and emotional touch to your jewelry with a card in which you can write the message you want.


You can buy jewelry from and when you want, at the time you want and take the time you deem necessary: see our collections and products, learn more about the jewel you like, add products to your list of favorites ... In addition, if you have any questions, you can visit our page of frequently asked questions or contact from our online store via Whatsapp, where we will be happy to assist you. And to make your shopping process as easy as possible, you do not need to register to buy your jewelry. We want tooffer all kinds of facilities to our customers in order to offer you the best shopping experience.



In MIMÍKOKÓ, security in the buying process is a key point. We want to offer you the best shopping experience and the best service from the moment you visit our website until you complete the purchase process. We meet all the requirements so that you can carry out your purchases safely and in the best conditions. In addition, we offer you a size guide so that you do not make mistakes when buying and if, for whatever reason, you need to change your jewelry, you have 14 days to exchange it at no additional cost. Finally, our website has the SSL digital certificate and all our jewelry is made in 18 and 9 karat gold.


When we go to a physical store, we like to look at products and compare prices. Although it often happens that either by the presence of other customers, embarrassment or education, it is difficult to know all the prices of jewelry available in the jewelry store, in addition to memorize all of them. In MIMÍKOKÓ, we make a special effort to offervery competitive prices . We make quality affordable and put it within your reach. In addition, when browsing our online store and see different categories of products, you have price filters so you can adjust your search to your budget.


In MIMÍKOKÓ, all our jewels are made with the highest quality and are guaranteed and certified. We use the best materials exclusively at 18 carat and 9 carat First Law gold, diamonds andprecious and semiprecious stones. In addition, when you receive your jewelry at home, you will receive, at no additional cost, a quality certificate, so that you have exhaustively documented all the information of your jewelry. And, for diamonds, we also provide another certificate with photo that proves its color and purity. In addition, all our jewelry comes with 12 months warranty.


Buying in MIMÍKOKÓ is synonymous of quality, timelessness, minimalism and pieces in 18 and 9 karat gold. We work with Spanish manufacturers and with own workshops, which guarantees that the jewelry is original and exclusive. In other words, we want MIMÍKOKÓ jewelry to be unique and thus avoid working with designs that are repeated over and over again in other jewelry stores.


When buying jewelry online, it is difficult to find a jewelry store that offers an exchange and return policy that you would like, because in most cases, the costs are borne by the customer. But in MIMÍKOKÓ we want to take care of our customers to the maximum and that they are satisfied both for those who visit us in our physical store and for those who buy in our online jewelry store. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a period of 14 days to exchange your jewelry, provided it is in perfect condition and with its original packaging. A great advantage of buying jewelry online that offers peace of mind.


Nowadays, when we buy online, we want to receive our order as soon as possible at home. Well, in MIMÍKOKÓ we assure you a short delivery time safely, between 3 and 5 calendar days. And, for shipments within the Peninsula, it is totallyfree for purchases over 99€. If you buy from another country other than Spain, do not worry, we ship worldwide applying the cheapest rate we could get. For shipping rates outside Spain, please fill out the followingform .


We are not an ordinary jewelry store. In MIMÍKOKÓ we are third generation of jewelers and gemologists graduated by the IGE (Spanish Gemological Institute), the most important and prestigious gemological institution in Spain. We also have physical store located at Historic Center of Malaga, where we will be happy to assist you. In addition, you can contact us by phone at 951213137 or by Whatsapp at 621281078, where you can ask us any questions.


In MIMÍKOKÓ we are one of the few online jewelry stores that you can pay your jewelry in installments with Aplázame, a proven, simple and secure payment method in which you can choose with a click and intuitively the number of installments in which you want to pay and the amount. You can also choose the day of the month when you want to start paying. The installment will be what you see on the screen, not a penny more and no need to register or hidden commissions.

As you can see, buying jewelry online is very easy nowadays. And our commitment with our customers is to offer the best service and to bring the minimalist jewelry to you. If you liked our post and want to be informed of all our news and promotions, subscribe to our blog and you will receive a -10% discount coupon as a welcome gift. Or if you want to know more about our jewelry MIMÍKOKÓ, you can also visit ouronline jewelry . In addition, we have a physical store located in thehistoric center of Malaga, from where we will be happy to assist you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contactr We look forward to meeting you!

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