All MIMÍKOKÓ jewelry is handcrafted in 18 or 9 carat gold, so they are durable and resistant to the passage of time to keep them beautiful and show them off as best as possible :)

How to clean 18kt or 9kt gold jewelry

We are going to make it very easy for you to clean your jewelry since we are sure that you have all the necessary materials at home: soap or liquid detergent, warm water and your own hands. For a deep cleaning of your pieces, it is also advisable to use a natural bristle brush. When finished, we rinse the jewel with water and dry it gently with a cloth. Important: do not use any type of product that can discolor or damage your gold pieces such as bleach, whiteners, etc...

How to store 18kt or 9kt gold jewelry

We want your MIMÍKOKÓ jewelry to last forever and for each one to have a unique value, which is why we leave you some tips for storing your jewelry. When you are not wearing your jewelry, we recommend storing it in a padded jewelry box or a sorting blanket so that your jewelry does not rub against each other. Avoid storing jewelry in places with direct exposure to sunlight or in humid places. You can also store them in individual plastic bags with an airtight seal.

How to care for your Diamonds

Body creams, soaps and all types of cosmetics adhere to diamonds, both natural and Lab-Grown. If you use them frequently, we recommend cleaning them once a month with the same procedure as cleaning jewelry. A clean diamond not only reflects light better but also appears larger. Diamond jewelry should be kept separate in the jewelry box as diamonds can scratch each other and even scratch other gems. It is advisable, if you frequently wear diamond rings, to take them at least once a year to your jewelry store to check the claws that hold the diamonds and thus avoid losing them.

How to care for your Pearls

Cosmetics, perfumes and hairsprays contain chemicals that damage the pearl's luster over time. Please note that pearls have a porous structure. We recommend using pearls after using colognes or perfumes. For pearl necklaces, after use, it is advisable to wipe them with a damp cloth to free them from the body's natural fats and not immerse them in water because the stringing thread will deteriorate. Pearls should be kept in a cloth bag and separated from the rest of the jewelry so that they do not get scratched. If you use the necklaces frequently, it is recommended that they be threaded once a year for safety and aesthetics. Diamonds and thus avoid losing them.