What is a lab created diamond?

Laboratory diamonds have burst into the world of jewelry in recent times and have become an affordable alternative to natural diamonds due to their similarity and quality. Known as lab-grown diamonds or eco-friendly diamonds, these diamonds are made of carbon (just like their natural counterpart) and are physically, chemically and optically identical to natural diamonds.

At MIMÍKOKÓ, both Alejandro and Alberto are certified gemologists and we have opted for this new market trend to adapt to this new demand.

Why should I choose a lab created diamond?

1. Sustainable alternative

They are an environmentally responsible alternative, since, as they are created in a laboratory, they do not have the same impact or pollution as their natural counterpart, being less harmful to the planet than that extracted from the earth.

2. Value

If you have a tighter budget, created diamonds are an affordable alternative since they can cost 40% less than the natural variety with the same carats, quality, color and purity, that is, for the same price you can get a bigger and better diamond. The price is also due to the scarcity and rarity of the natural diamond: as its creation takes millions of years inside the Earth's mantle and due to its exploitation and consumption in the world, its price compared to that created in the laboratory is very superior.

3. Genuine Quality and Beauty: Natural Diamond vs Created Diamond

Lab-created diamonds are considered real diamonds and are chemically, physically and visually identical. Even for expert gemologists like us we cannot distinguish it with the naked eye, since specialized diamond detection devices are needed for its detection. Furthermore, their chemical composition is practically identical: both are made of carbon. However, this is where their only small difference lies: while natural diamonds contain a very small amount of nitrogen in their structure (in addition to carbon), created diamonds lack this chemical element.

Both diamonds have a G color, VS2 clarity and the same carats and cut. When observing them in person, it is almost impossible to tell them apart: one is natural and the other is created in a laboratory. In addition to the small difference in chemical composition, the other factor that distinguishes them is their origin: laboratory diamonds are manufactured by the hand of man and grown in a laboratory, while natural diamonds are formed within the Earth's mantle. .

How is a Lab Grown created diamond made?

Each diamond begins its life as a small seed of carbon. It is then exposed to extreme heat and pressure and initiates a chemical heat deposition process (known as CVD), to mimic the formation process of a diamond. It is then grown inside the laboratory, usually between 6 and 10 weeks, to finally be cut and polished in the same way as natural diamonds.

Do a natural diamond and a created diamond have the same hardness?

Yes. Both have a hardness of 10 (the highest) on the Mohs scale, which is the scale used in gemology to evaluate and identify the hardness of a gem. Therefore, they are diamonds for life.

Are lab created diamonds certified?

Yes. The diamond certificate is a document that specifies the 4 C's of the diamond (color, purity, cut and carat) and is evaluated based on the quality of the diamond. Since the created diamonds are 100% real diamonds, at MIMÍKOKÓ we are gemologists and all our created diamonds are accompanied by a quality certificate after having passed an exhaustive gemological analysis with a specialized technical team.

What type of diamonds should I buy?

Science has made it possible today to create diamonds as beautiful and with the same quality for much less money than natural diamonds. They are so similar that no one will be able to distinguish them with the naked eye. The choice between one or the other is purely personal and what you should ask yourself is which of them covers your needs: some prefer the natural diamond because of the complex process it undergoes during its formation and for the fact that it has the most precious gemstone and others prefer it. They opt for the diamond created thanks to the ingenuity of human beings and also contribute to the environment.

At MIMÍKOKÓ we have a catalog of jewelry with natural diamonds and another with created diamonds so you can choose the diamond you are looking for.