In our way of working at MIMÍKOKÓ we believe that being sustainable is not a label, but rather a continuous effort for constant improvement. Working towards sustainability consists of making improvements in our sector that affect the environmental, social and economic orders that impact humanity and our planet.

Our commitment to the planet has been intact since we started in 2021, always trying to evolve towards a more sustainable production model. We continue to take a thoughtful and holistic approach to the many points of consideration that help a company become more sustainable, even if it is difficult.

We believe in sustainability, but we are not really a sustainable brand yet. Being 100% sustainable is practically impossible, there are many factors, variations and continuous advances that are connected and that mean that the brand has to be modifying many of its parameters to be on the order of the day. What we do believe and are convinced of is the path. A path where we all have to go hand in hand and assume ethical, environmental and social responsibility to make the world fairer, or, rather, with fewer injustices.

Sustainability must be defined to have weight, and you, our customers, deserve to know exactly what we mean when we use this word. It is a practice and, as such, a continuous effort, something we always actively strive for and for that we use the following measures:


We try to keep all our production local, working especially with workshops in Malaga and other Andalusian cities. Our sector, like others, is immersed in environmental and ethical concerns, which is why we exhaustively select the manufacturers, suppliers and workshops with which we want to work, trying to ensure that they are local and family businesses and that they comply with a series of factors. so that the work/creative collaboration is as fair as possible and is reflected a posteriori in pieces made by hand that become elements of self-expression and personal meaning.

Recycled Gold

All our jewelry is made of 18 and 9 carat gold and, of all of them, over 70% are handcrafted with post-consumer recycled gold, which means that this gold is recovered from old jewelry and scrap gold. The alloys used to mix them with 18 karat gold (750 thousandths of fine gold and 250 thousandths of alloy and silver) and 9 carat gold (375 thousandths of fine gold and 625 thousandths of alloy and silver) are reused from of electronic components, catalytic converters and other industrial by-products, thus trying to avoid negative environmental consequences. This material recycling process helps us avoid having to use new raw materials and thus we can reduce all the risks associated with the mining process.

All the water used in the refining process is reused and all the excess metals or waste (process of manufacturing a piece in which small losses of metal are always generated as a result of its handling) are refined and recycled. Even the wax used in the molding and casting process to create the piece is reused, something that is the property of the artisans we work with. These processes make each piece of jewelry ethical and environmentally friendly.

These materials and their processes mentioned above have been independently audited and certified by The RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council), an organization that ensures the ethical and responsible business development of the jewelry industry worldwide.

Ethical Stones

All of our gemstones are ethically sourced. We work exclusively with suppliers, mines and lapidaries where everyone receives fair compensation and works in safe conditions. Regarding the diamonds we work with, you can choose between natural diamonds that come from suppliers and countries that are part of the Kimberley Process Certification System, thus preventing conflict diamonds or also called “blood diamonds” from entering the market and are not commercialized. The other option we work with is with the so-called “Lab Grown Diamonds”, which are diamonds that have been created in a controlled laboratory environment and have the same chemical components as natural diamonds. . Below we explain it in more detail.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Laboratory diamonds have burst into the world of jewelry in recent times and have become an affordable alternative to natural diamonds due to their similarity and quality. Known as lab-grown diamonds or eco-friendly diamonds, these diamonds are made of carbon (just like their natural counterpart) and are physically, chemically and optically identical to natural diamonds.
At MIMÍKOKÓ, both Alejandro and Alberto are certified gemologists and we have opted for this new market trend to adapt to this new demand.


Traceability is the process that determines and identifies the composition of the product, as well as its origin and the different processes to which it has been subjected, as well as the place where it is sold, thus being able to recognize what are the possible factors in that process that can harm a company's environmental impact. We have not yet been able to trace the path from where all the components of our jewelry come from, since, to be honest, for us and the place where the brand is currently does not allow us to know for sure where all the materials have passed since. the beginning until the jewel arrives at your house.


We are a small, very small brand. Currently we do not receive more than 50 orders a month, but we know that the results will come soon after all the work done. Because we are passionate about our work and we are continually motivated to improve and offer you the best service. We love what we do. The prices of our products are very adjusted. Let's face it, we don't want to inflate the prices of our jewelry and then have the website with false and eye-catching offers of everything at 50%. Our margin is fair for both us and you. We are committed to sincere and transparent marketing, without intermediaries.


At MIMÍKOKÓ we are committed to our 100% plastic free packaging. Our shipping boxes, as well as our cases, are sustainably made from recycled cardboard. We avoid using plastics that could cover the shipping package and we use wheat straw paper, which requires less use of energy and water for its manufacture, and with which the shipping box will be more than safe, protecting it from possible knocks. On the other hand, the jewelry that is sent is made with the appropriate dimensions in the box, in order to optimize the space in the means of transportation in which it goes, making transportation more efficient and thus reducing waste.