About us

If you are here it is because you are interested in our history and knowing a little more about us, so let's get to it.

We are Alejandro and Alberto Romero, brothers and founders of the MIMÍKOKÓ jewelry brand. We are from Malaga and decided to undertake this project in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, to end up opening our physical store in the Historic Center of Malaga and online in May 2021.

We come from a family with a great jewelry tradition. In fact, we are the third generation of jewelers, a tradition inherited from our grandfather, José Romero, who began his adventure in the sector in 1959 and from our father, José Luis Romero, who still continues to work as a jeweler with one of the most emblematic jewelry stores in Málaga, José Luis Joyero, since 1983. And this is how we started from a young age, seeing stones at home, to generate that interest that later became a passion for the world of jewelry and gems.

But it wasn't all in the blink of an eye... Both Alberto and I, Alejandro, have very diverse academic studies and work experience. Alberto has a degree in psychology from the University of Malaga and, just before the pandemic began, he worked as a human resources consultant in a company in Malaga. I finished translation and interpretation in 2008 also at the University of Malaga and worked and lived for almost 8 years in Dubai as a cabin crew member on an airline. Back in Malaga, I studied a master's degree in digital marketing and was working at the Malaga airport... until the pandemic arrived and both my brother and I lost our jobs.

It was then that, at the beginning of 2020, we decided to undertake and follow in the footsteps of our father and grandfather. But we didn't want to open another jewelry store, one that sold regular jewelry. We wanted to add value to what was already on the market, focus on a specific type of jewelry to offer you jewelry that you can enjoy in your daily life and not have it stored in a jewelry box for special occasions. And this is how MIMÍKOKÓ emerged: a brand of minimalist, modern, designer and, at the same time, timeless jewelry, made in 18 and 9 carat gold with diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones with current and trendy designs.

A quick timeline about our jewelry family :)


Our grandfather opens his first store on Comedias street in Antequera (Málaga).


Second jewelry store opened on the same Comedias de Antequera street. Things are going well!


Our father joins our grandfather's store to work side by side and they open a store on Alarcón Luján street, in the Historic Center of Málaga.


Our grandfather retires and our father reforms the jewelry store and begins to manage the business on his own.


4 years later, our father leaves the premises where he worked until now and acquires another one on the same Alarcón Luján street to set up a larger store. She has been offering her jewelry for more than 40 years on this same street!


In 2020, in the afternoons of confinement, we began to plan the creation of a jewelry brand that would later be called MIMÍKOKÓ. By the way, name doesn't mean anything. All the languages ​​just sounded good to us.


We, Alejandro and Alberto, the children and grandchildren of José Luis Romero and José Romero, respectively, founded the jewelry brand MIMÍKOKÓ, a new concept of minimalist and designer jewelry.

At the same time, we have trained, and in September 2022, we obtained the diploma in gemology from the IGE (Spanish Gemological Institute), the largest and most prestigious reference center in the research, analysis, study and dissemination of gemology in Spain.

Our objetive

Our goal as a brand is ambitious. MIMÍKOKÓ was created to establish a new concept of jewelry that is affordable, accessible and with personality for you, jewelry that you can enjoy on any occasion, regardless of your style. Quality and design pieces using the most artisanal and traditional manufacturing processes that 100% represent the brand. We are committed to “less is more” in jewelry, giving importance to design, exclusivity and the best materials, 18 and 9 carat gold and precious and semi-precious stones.


Tradition and minimalism

We are committed to tradition in the production process combined with the new tools that the sector offers us: our team of jewelers manufactures and designs our jewelry in a traditional way, giving importance to even the smallest detail, always offering minimalist jewelry designed for you and inspired by the latest trends.

Top quality materials

We use the highest quality materials: our jewelry is made exclusively with 18-karat gold and 9-karat gold and is accompanied by semi-precious or precious stones. In addition, all our diamond jewelry, both natural and created, is accompanied by its quality certificate issued by us, expert gemologists, which certifies the color, cut, purity and carats of the diamonds.

passion for what we do

Both Alberto and I love what we do, which is why we constantly work to offer you the best service so that you can always enjoy your MIMÍKOKÓ jewelry and it looks timeless.

Committed to the environment

In our way of working, we believe that being sustainable is not a label, but rather a continuous effort for constant improvement. Working towards sustainability consists of making improvements in our sector that affect the environmental, social and economic orders that impact humanity and our planet. You can read all the information about our work towards sustainability here.