If MIMÍKOKÓ jewelry stands out for something, it is for its original and timeless designs, for being pieces designed for you to enjoy in your daily life. Our work philosophy is based on creating quality minimalist jewelry in 18 and 9 carat gold so that it lasts forever and without incurring a high cost. All our jewelry is designed and manufactured in Spain, which allows us to offer maximum flexibility in everything related to the design of our pieces. In addition, we have local workshops in which the manufacturing follows a meticulous and careful process.

The idea

The creative process begins in our workshop in Malaga, where we work on each design with the utmost care and demands. First we draw the pieces, selecting the gems and developing the sketch that will later become a jewel. To do this, we are inspired by the latest trends in jewelry, providing our design touch. Another part of our inspiration is everyday life, art, nature. Things that may go unnoticed but have enormous meaning.

Creation Process

MIMÍKOKÓ is synonymous with quality jewelry. Our jewelry is made of 18 and 9 carat gold and always meets the highest quality standards on the market. In addition, our jewelry is accompanied by precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, amethysts... as well as a collection of jewelry with created diamonds. We make our jewelry distinctive and exclusive pieces for you to wear on any occasion, regardless of your style.

The stones

Gemstones are the most prominent elements of a piece of jewelry and can have a great impact on its appearance and value. Once the jewel is designed, we, both Alberto and Alejandro, certified gemmology experts, focus on a careful selection of gems that will be set in the jewels. All jewelry is set with natural gems except those with zircons, since it is an artificial stone, and our collection of jewelry with created diamonds, which are diamonds made in a laboratory.

Gemological Control

A priority for us. All stones are exhaustively chosen to make the crafted jewelry unique and enhance its beauty. To do this, we use state-of-the-art devices that are essential for a gemologist, such as the binocular magnifying glass, the refractometer, the ultraviolet light lamp, etc. We have learned to use all of these tools in the Gemology degree at the IGE (Spanish Gemological Institute). , an institution of which we are professional partners.

The elaboration

Manually making a piece of jewelry is a delicate, long and detailed process that requires skill, patience and precision. At MIMÍKOKÓ, we are committed to a traditional creation process that is 100% made in Spain by artisans with extensive experience. In addition to using artisanal manufacturing techniques, we make use of new technologies such as 3D modeling with the help of specialized computer programs. At MIMÍKOKÓ, we follow the following manufacturing process for our jewelry:

  • Wax tree: consists of replicating the pieces already designed in a wax tree, that is, a wax model is made to an exact scale, but without stones. The tree is then placed in a metal cylinder placed in an oven at about 750ºC which will be covered with a plaster mixture. At this temperature, the wax melts (lost wax technique) and leaves a negative impression on the plaster block. The final result is a plaster negative of the tree that is finally filled with molten 18 or 9 carat gold and left to dry.
  • Polishing: the purpose is to bring out the maximum shine of the jewel. There are two phases in this process: roughing, to remove scratches and impurities from the surface, and polishing, carried out with a soft cotton cap, to bring out the jewel's final and optimal shine.
  • Setting: Jewelry setting is the process of setting a gemstone into a piece of jewelry. It must be taken into account that there are several types of setting, such as chaton setting, claw setting, tension setting or pavé setting, each with its different technique. Our setters undertake their work by setting the gems by manipulating the metal that surrounds them with the help of high precision tools.

Quality Control

Jewelry quality control is an important process in which we ensure that the final product meets the required quality and safety standards. It is carried out once the jewel is finished and is done piece by piece through exhaustive visual and tactile control. We like to believe that this entire manufacturing process in Spain is an added value to our jewelry. Furthermore, all of them have a quality certificate and are made with the best materials: 18 carat (750 thousandths) or 9 carat (350 thousandths) gold. For jewelry with diamonds, both natural and created, we also attach a certificate with a photo of the piece and the characteristics of the diamonds based on the 4 C's : carat, clarity, color and cut (carat, purity, color and size). This is reflected in the physical pieces through the contrasts established in the Spanish regulations for objects made with precious metals.

until I reach you

We believe that this entire manufacturing process is an added value, since the jewel goes from its production in our workshop directly to you, without going through any intermediary. We also take maximum care of the small details so that the shopping experience is unique: the decoration of our store located in the Historic Center of Malaga, the scented packaging of our products and customer service are fundamental aspects that help us transmit our essence. .

An idea, a gem