Every March, one of the most prestigious film festivals on the national scene takes place in our city, Malaga, the Malaga Film Festival. This festival, which this year has celebrated a quarter of a century, has become over the years an event of great diffusion and impact as it is the scene of the most important premieres of Spanish and Latin American cinema for both feature films and short films and documentaries. In this edition, the Biznagas de Oro for Spanish cinema and Latin American production have gone respectively to the films Five little wolves, by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, with four awards, including best film for the public and jury and best script, and Utama , by Bolivian Alejandro Loayza, who also won the award for best director.

It is also a showcase where celebrities not only amaze with their talent, but also with their style and looks that they show when posing in front of the cameras. And in this important edition, MIMÍKOKÓ wanted to be a participant for the first time in this prestigious event by being a collaborating entity. Below we tell you about the collaborations we have carried out in this event.

MIMIKOKÓ was present in some of the busiest points of the city, taking part in this Spanish cinema festival in places such as Muelle Uno, Paseo Marítimo Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Calle Molina Lario and Plaza de la Constitución.

From MIMÍKOKÓ, we wanted to have a detail with some celebrities by giving them a jewel that was related to our land and cinema as a welcome gift to the festival. And what better gift than a pendant chain and a bracelet with a biznaga, the flower of Malaga. This flower is a symbol of Malaga and the film festival for two reasons: on the one hand, it is a ball-shaped bouquet in which jasmines are inserted that gives off a very pleasant smell and, on the other, it is the shape of the flower. award that actors, directors and producers receive at the Malaga Film Festival and is made of gold or silver, depending on the category of the award.

18 carat gold plated silver biznaga bracelet


18 carat gold plated silver biznaga pendant chain


In fact, some actors and actresses were delighted with our gift and made it known on their social networks. Below we show you some renowned actors and actresses showing their MIMÍKOKÓ gift:

Teresa Riott

teresa riott pendant biznaga mimikoko 1

Save Queen

savior queen pendant biznaga mimikoko 1

Paula Usero

biznaga mimikoko pendant

Olalla Hernandez

biznaga mimikoko gold pendant 1

Jesus Olmedo

biznaga mimikoko pendant chain

As we have been commenting, MIMIKOKÓ wanted to join this festival in which jewelry and cinema come together for the love of art and another form of collaboration that we carried out was for the actresses to wear our jewelry on the festival's red carpet.

Below, we present some of the looks that the celebrities they have worn during the festival:

Noemi Ruiz

noemi ruiz mimikoko earrings

For the occasion, the Malaga actress chose long 18-karat white gold earrings with aquamarine and diamonds and a spectacular dress by designer Pepe Canela.

Olalla Hernandez

olalla hernandez mimikoko earrings

The actress from Malaga who stars in the series The Money Heist and awarded the silver Biznaga for best actress at the 25th edition of the Malaga Festival, chose long earrings in two-tone white and yellow gold, ideal for her look .

Paula Usero

paula usero pendants mimikoko earrings

The leading actress of series like Castamar's cook and Luimelia For a television interview, she chose climbing earrings with colored zircons along with two matching pendants, a perfect combination for her dress.

Ruth Armas

ruth weapons mimikoko earrings

The Canarian actress wore a low-cut black dress with rhinestones and a MIMÍKOKÓ white gold diamond bracelet.

Mari Paz Sayago

carmen sayago mimikoko earrings

The actress, character in films like carmina and amen either Kiki, love is made, She opted for long earrings for her black dress.

Julia Gilbert

julia gilbert earrings mimikoko 1

The young Catalan actress chose white gold earrings with blue topazes and diamonds for her spectacular dress.

Finally, at MIMÍKOKÓ we feel very proud to have been able to show our jewelry on the red carpet thanks to these actresses who have agreed to collaborate with our brand and, ultimately, to have been part of this prestigious event in which cinema and glamor come together.

We would love to know your opinion about our article. What did you think of our gifts to the celebrities ? Which look of our collaborating actresses do you like the most? We encourage you to participate and leave a comment below.

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