Pearls are relatively soft compared to other precious stones and metals. So it is important to care for pearls with special attention to ensure that they remain shiny and beautiful, generation after generation.

Cosmetics, perfumes and hairsprays contain chemicals that can damage the luster of the pearl over time. Even natural body oils and perspiration can also damage pearl luster.

So it is better to wear the pearls after having applied makeup, perfume and hairspray. After wearing them you should wipe them with a damp cloth to keep them free of the harmful residues of these products. Periodically, pearls should be washed with a mild soap.

Always keep your pearls separated from heavy jewelry, such as gold and other stones, to avoid scratching them. Pearls are best kept inside a soft cloth bag or separated in a jewelry box lined inside.

If you use pearls several times a week, it would be good to take them to the jeweler once a year to be re-strung to avoid breaking the thread (in case of necklaces). Many experts recommend silk thread to re-string the pearls. However, nylon thread is a good alternative. Make sure that the thread is knotted between each pearl, thus preventing all the pearls from falling off in case the thread breaks. These knots also prevent the pearls from rubbing against each other.

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